( this may guide us to prepare for the same)


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It was a good learning experience  for me as with in short span of time need to learn syllabus provided.
I honestly say teacher’s are very busy so need more time for preparation. Most of working professional subject teacher’s  even after being qualified  for a levels  some  teachers are only teaching IGCSE so, we should be given more time to prepare  .
As subject  is concerned in class room we do solve numerical on scientific calculator  even students  are allowed  for there CIE examination  but I  would say the software calculator  is not  easy to operate it consume  time. Some questions really needed more
time .I would request for hard copy of    perodic table as well. I tried my level  best , better preparations and faster mathematical  skills  were needed to score better. Even my colleagues  will agree  with my opinion.

Thank you

Durga Rajput
Calculate entropy, rate order of reaction, rate order constant, enthalpy   mostly but don’t remember full questions.


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