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Many Teachers were asking me to write an article about the topics tested in last pedagogy Examination,so I am explaining the Topics one by one below. If you are exactly looking for What MOE given as syllabus please CLICK HERE  , Otherwise Continue Reading.

( Everyday I will add article related to the topic given below and link to the Topics)

Inductive reasoning

Deductive reasoning

Abductive Reasoning

Divergent reasoning

Convergent reasoning

Conceptual generalization

Reasoning types

What are 21st-century skills?

What Are the 4 C’s of 21st Century Skills?

Intellectual flexibility


Learned helplessness

Selective focus

Forced focus

Passive focus

Active focus

Educational Cognitive Styles

Blended learning vs technological integration

Blended learning involved students actively engaging in technology (technology becomes a virtual classroom)

Effect of Motivation – Part 1

Effect of Motivation- Part 2

Importance of prior knowledge in Learning

Readiness Theory

Learning Difficulties

                         What’s the difference between dyslexia and dyspraxia?

                         ‘Learning Disability’ and ‘Learning Difficulty’: What’s the difference?

                         Dyspraxia vs. ADHD

                  Learning Disabilities: An Overview ( Dyslexia , Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia )

Slow Learners : How to support them

Differentiation in Teaching

Types of Reinforcement

Technology integration is just using technology in a regular classroom

What is a Knowledge Economy (and all other aspects of the UAE 2021 Vision)

Equality vs equity

Conflict management

Mind map vs concept map

Difference between Concept, Fact, Theory, Generalization, and Idea

Role-play in education

Paper vs computer tests (accuracy, reliability, validity, etc.)

What is a standardized exam vs non-standardized?

Action research vs academic research




Effect of Motivation vs prior knowledge

Readiness Theory

Learning difficulty vs slow learning

Learning difficulty cannot be cured and they affect the way the brain processes information

Differentiation definition

Reinforcement vs punishment positive vs negative

Types of questioning

Also, study the moe teacher standards and UAE employee code of ethics really well.