The code of conduct is based on 10 principles, behaviors and ethics for workers in educational institutions in the country, including encourage positive values in students, safeguard them against being drawn into ideas deemed unacceptable by UAE’s society and promote the principles of tolerance and acceptance of others.

The code of conduct includes avoiding the spread of false news and rumors, and refrain from committing any verbal or physical violence against students under all circumstances. One of the most important principles of the code of conduct is to demonstrate positive behavior in dealing with the parents and the community. It is followed by respecting the Emirati culture and traditions and highly regard the values of Islam.

The code aims at encouraging students to highly regard the UAE’s journey of development and prosperity, and encourage them to actively participate in national activities and events.

Under the code of conduct, educational professions are asked to protect children from neglect, exploitation, bullying and all forms of abuse, as well as avoiding disclosing confidential information about the students and their families.

Workers in General Education Sector must respect cultural, religious and ethnic diversity of the workplace, and refrain from committing any behavioral or verbal offenses against their colleagues, the educational institution and its employees.

The code requires all workers in the sector to adhere to appropriate, non-revealing clothing, respecting the traditions of the UAE and showing a respectful image of workers in the educational sector.

The code of conduct, workers in General Education Sector must refrain from using, possessing or falling under the influence of any unauthorized substances, including smoking, in the workplace. In addition to refraining from spreading socially unacceptable behaviors and discussing gender identity, homosexuality or any other behavior deemed unacceptable to the UAE’s society.


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