1. Avoid the bully wherever possible. Don’t give him or her a chance to bully you by preventing run-ins between the two of you.

Think ahead about where you usually run into the bully. Avoid those places.

Try taking a different route from your home to school and also different routes within the school itself.Don’t skip classes or go into hiding. You have a right to be at school and benefit from education.

  1. Feel good about who you are. Ask yourself what makes you feel and look your best. Emphasize your strengths, talents, and goals.

For example, do you want to be more fit? If so, maybe you decide to spend less time on the couch watching TV and more time exercising.

Write down a list of your favorie qualities about yourself. Read over the list each morning before school to boost your confidence.

Feeling good about yourself will make you feel more confident and help build your self-esteem. It will also help you be more self-assured at school and perhaps less fearful of running into the person bullying you.

Spend time with friends who have a positive influence. Playing sports or participating in clubs are good activities to help build positive friendships and confidence.

3.Stand tall and keep your composure. Sometimes just acting brave is enough to stop a bully from approaching and intimidating you.

By standing tall and holding your head high, you send the message that you are not to be messed with.

Acting and even feeling brave is easier when you feel confident and good about yourself. It is also something you can practice. Practice walking with your head up, looking at people, and greeting anyone you know who looks back at you. Practice using a strong and assertive tone of voice (and not shouting). Remember, practice makes perfect.

4.Use the buddy-system. If you’re trying to avoid being bullied, two people are stronger than one. For example, walk with a friend or a group of friends to school, or hang out with them at recess.In other words, make sure to have friends surrounding you wherever and whenever you think you might run in to the bully.

If you have a buddy, remember to be a buddy. Offer to be there for a friend if you know he or she has bully trouble. Act if you see a friend being bullied; after all, you know how hard it is to be bullied. Tell an adult, stand with your friend being bullied, and tell the bully to stop. Support those you see being being hurt with words of kindness.

5.Ignore the bully if they say or do something to you. As much as you can, try to ignore the bully’s threats. Pretend you can’t hear them and try to leave the situation immediately and go to a safe place.[25]

  • Bullies are always looking for a reaction to their teasing. Pretending that you don’t notice or care (even if you do care on the inside) may stop a bully’s behavior because they are not getting the reaction they expect and want.


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