Models of Learning Preference Advantages Disadvantages
auditory 1.In Auditory learners learn best by hearing or through verbal communication.

2.Lerners develop listening and presentation skills. Auditory learners excel in interactive approaches to learning that involve storytelling, role-playing and dialogue.

3.Auditory learners are good at remembering what they hear as they learn information through auditory representation. 4.Auditory components such as tone, pitch, and loudness are all important to these learners.

This method is good for languages. The advantages of this learning style when studying a new language include greater mastery of pronunciation and the understanding of spoken language through the use of videos, dialogue and role-playing activities.


1.Auditory learners need suite environment to reduce distraction.

2.Auditory learning is difficult with detailed learning materials.

For example, in science most of the concept like cell organelles, structure of DNA is difficult to understand by Auditory learning

3.This method of learning is difficult for math, science.

4.The challenges of the auditory learning style include processing visual information. Auditory learners typically are slower readers than visual learners.

5.In science and maths that convey information in the form of graphs and other visual illustrations are sometimes more challenging for auditory learners.



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