The final step in classroom arrangement is to decide how you are going to deal with where students sit. When you don’t know the students coming in, you typically do not know which students should not be seated next to each other. Therefore, there are a couple of ways to set up your initial seating chart.

  1. One way that you can arrange students is alphabetical. This is a simple way that makes sense and can help you learn student names.
  2. Another method for seating charts is to alternate girls and boys. This is another simple way to divide out a class.
  3. One way that many teachers choose is to allow students to choose their seats. Then you as a teacher mark this down and it becomes the seating chart.
  1. The final option is to have no seating chart at all. Realize, however, that without a seating chart you lose a bit of control and you also lose a powerful way to help you learn student names.
  2. No matter which seating chart option you choose, make sure that you reserve the right to change the seating chart at any time in order to keep order in your classroom. Also, realize that you start the year without a seating chart and then decide partway through the year to implement one, this can cause some issues with students.


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