Models of Learning Preference Advantages Disadvantages
kinesthetic learn by doing. Hands-on activities and real-life experiences help them remember. If you want a kinaesthetic learner to come to your house, the simplest way is to take him or her there yourself or get someone else to do so. Another way to give directions to a kinaesthetic learner would be to provide details about what to look for on the way there, making your directions as experiential as possible. College classes like science labs, acting, or sports teach to the strengths of kinesthetics learners.

It helps students create a connection between language and its concepts. An example would be improvising creative movements or materials to show the different concepts such as big and small. Support the Development of Cognitive Skills, Social Skills.



1.It is often hard to properly understand something you have never directly seen or experienced.


2.Often demonstrations will give students the main idea of how something works, but they may need to read up on their subject to develop a deeper understanding of it.

3.Students may feel after learning the basics they don’t need to do any more study, which could impact negatively on their grades.

4. Other topics may be hard to cover because of high costs – like space rockets very few schools are able to go and visit a space centre.


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