Theory/Model/ Principle of Learning Teaching Learning Assessment

In constructivism learning is viewed as an interaction between the learner and the learning environment

In this method first decide the content and learning activities. For example, Design vacuum cleaner. learners explore and explain their ideas, learners recognize scientific ideas behind the   vacuum cleaner.  they design it, they check its limitations, restructure it. learners reflect on it how they applied their ideas and worked it. While designing the vacuum cleaner learners emphasis on learning rather than instruction. Develop curiosity. They learn how to explore  and experiences learning

they learn the theory

It works on the principle of flow of air from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure. An electric motor is attached to a fan that spins it at high velocities. The fast spinning fan creates a region of low pressure inside the suction hose of the vacuum cleaner.


1.asking questions about what they are doing and how their understanding is changing

3.assess how they are connecting with the real world. minute test

5.handling of apparatus



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