The various models relating to assessment can assist in the development and application of assessments. As has been noted there are various factors that will influence the particular assessments that are used. The actual role of the assessment will also influence these assessment type selected, so pre assessments are to judge current ability and then can be further used to measure progress, whereas formative assessments measure progress throughout the course. It is important to include this into lesson plans to ensure if learners have not fully understood the lesson that these issues can be resolved rapidly. Summative assessments are used at the end of the course and can then be compared to pre assessments to provide empirical evidence of change. All of these methods of assessment should be included in lesson design

There are many forms of assessment, so by identifying the purpose of the assessment. Accreditors requirements and the appropriateness to the course, then these models provide a rich variety of tools to choose from. Learning style can also influence this process, and various assessment methods can be chosen that cater for individual specific need. This also ensures that tutors fully adhere to legislative requirements to fully take into account differentiation between learners

Some of the assessment methods may be more appropriate for higher level learners such as self or peer assessments and will require a much higher level of autonomy to be effective. However, a modified version can be used which is guided self-assessment could be used for learner who are unable to fully achieve this type of assessment for themselves.

Each assessment method has its strengths and weaknesses.  By using various assessment methods, it ensures that the learner has a complete and total understanding of the material and that they are able that knowledge to appropriate contexts.


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