Theory/Model/ Principle of Learning Key ideas Advantages Disadvantages
Humanism Self-Worth-

In self worth the highest human priority is the search for self-acceptance

The humanistic theory of learning involve the concept of learning through watching the behavior of others and what results from that behavior.Learning come as  a result of observation.

In humanistic approaches, support positive emotions such   as it emphasizes individual choice and responsibility.Humanistic psychology satisfies most people’s idea of what being human means because it values personal ideals and self-fulfillment. There is too much emphasis on subjective experience- Hard to study.This approach is not scientific- Does not use any rigorous, objective methods and doesn’t make predictions that can be proved or disproved.Places emphasis on conscious awareness- this limits the scope of the humanistic approach as it ignores things that are out of conscious awareness.

For example : if we give   an  assignment in a group of students  to design  traffic signal  ,smrt students will work out fast  slow learners and inclusions will get ignored  . Slow learners  learn only the  designing from the group. They won’t understand the scientific concept/rulers.So in this method , more importance given to group work, individual learning cannot  be measured easily.




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