Dear Teachers ,

As I promised in my previous post , I am going to start Free IELTS Online training . This is completely free, we are running our high speed server using the income from online advertisers, so please do not use adblock on your browser.

Success in IELTS  is  purely based practice,if you are ready to follow my instruction for 30 to 45 days , you will score a minimum 6.5 band score.

Please find at least 50 minutes per day ( 1 listening test = 30 min + 1 passage of reading = 20 min ).

We will start writing and speaking practice after 20-25 days only.

So let us begin:

(If you have completed listening test 1 , please see reading test for day 1)

Arrange a notebook and pen before you start the test.

Use head phone to listen the audio without disturbance ( don’t pay attention on anything like whatsapp,facebook,twitter or call during the test )

Check your score after everyday’s listening practice

IELTS Listening Scores

Answer key is there at the end of each video .


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