1. Discipline Means Going By The Rules

2.Solo Taxonomy Consist Of 4 Levels

3.Solo Stand For Structure Of The Observed Learning Outcome

4.Solo Taxonomy Was Presented By Biggs And Collis

  1. Students Are Passive In Lecture Method

6.The Socratic Method Is Known As Question Answer Method

7.The Highest Level Of Cognitive Domain Is Evaluation

  1. Activity Involves Physical And Mental Action
  2. The Classification Of Cognitive Domain Was Presented By Benjamin Bloom

10.The Primary Duty Of A Teacher Is To Be Responsible To Students

11.Toys Age Refers To Early Childhood Hey Child Rights With His Or Her Left Hand Add Is Comfortable Doing Things With It

12.Language Of Word Is Not Necessary For Imaginative Thinking

13.Who Is The Father Of Theory Of Multiple Intelligence ?Gardner

14.Change In The Quality Or Character Of A Child Is Indicated By Development

15.Learning Depends On Cognitive Development Always

16.Single Factor Theory Of Intelligence Was Given By Alfred Binet

17.Who Give More Stress To The Philosophy Of Social Constructivism? Vygotsky

18.Formal Education Was Cool Training Represent Planned Program Of Study

19.Who Said That These Situations Are Mental Evolutions That Are Aspects Of Conflict And Anxiety ? Ralph  Tyler

20.Which Educator Presence Low Of Readiness ,Law Of Exercise And Law Of Effect ?Thorndike

21.Educational Psychology Explains The Graining Experience From Birth Through Old Age

Which Psychologist Introduced The Application Of Sand Difficultly Evolved Principles And Theories Of Learning In Education System ?American

22.Who Are Usually Responsible For Conducting Classroom And Laboratory Learning Studies Which Are Carefully Planned School? Psychologist Of Education

23.Psychologist Have Agreed That Education Implies Can Be Regarded As Both Process And Product

24.Who Wrote The Book Emile ? Rousseau

25.Which Philosopher Gave The Idea That Education Should Be Based On The Principle Of Human Development ? Rousseau

26.Which Philosopher Compiled Kindergarten Education System? Friedrich Froebel

27.Who Gave The Totality Conscious Ideas? Herbert Spencer

28.When Was The Book A Child Development For Early Childhood Studies Published For The First Time ?1895

29.Who Had Devised The Time IQ Intelligence Question William Stern 

30.Bert Called The Intelligence To Innate

31.Who Introduced The Theory Of Empiricism ?John Lockey

32.Which Educator Gave The Ideas Of Behaviorism In Education System ?Watson

33.At The Beginning Of The 19th Century Who Focus Was The Study Of The Development Of The Mind? Jean Piaget 

34.Aim Assessment Is Reliable If It Consistently Achieves The Same Results With The Same Students

35.The Use Of Technology To Enhance Learning Process Is Called ICT In Education

36.The Main Purpose Of Supervision Of Teaching Should Be The Advancement Of Pupil Welfare

37.A Valid Assessment Is One Which Message What Is Intended To Measure

38.An Assessment That Message A Students Current Knowledge For The Purpose Of Assigning Suitable Course Is Called Diagnostic Assessment

39.According To John Dewey The Teacher Should Guide Students To The Way Of Knowledge As A Partner In Learning Process

40.The Philosophers Who Worked In Mathematical And Scientific Didactics Was Martin Wagenschein

41.An Assessment That Is Generally Carried Out At The End Of A Course To Assign Students A Course Grade Is Called Summative Assessment

Methodology Part 

42.The Field Trip Method Is Used When The Learners Are Made To Observe Things In A Certain Place Like The Market

43.The Recommended Method To Use If The Teacher Wishes Each Learner To Concentrate In Learning A Topic To His Skills Are Properly Assessed Is Symantec Method

44.Inquiry Approach Is Utilised When The Learners Are Trained To Ask Intelligent Question

45.The Case Study Method Is Used To Make The Lanes Study In Detail A Specific Thing Person Or Place Not Known To Them

46.The Observation Method Is Used If We Wish The Pupil Learn From Real Life Situation

47.Which Method Is Used To Develop Scientific Inquiry Among The Learners Problem Solving

48.The Project Method Is Utilised If The Learners Are Trained To Do Creative Products

49.The Question And Answer Method Is Used To Find Out The Less Knowledge About A Certain Topic Assigned To Them

50.If The Material Is Dangerous For The Learners To Handle Which Method Is Used Lecture Demonstration

51.If You Wish To Relate A Subject Matter To One Of The Four Principles Of Learning The Integration Approach Should Be Used

52.You Wish To Make The Learners Learn Or International Internalised Fully A Subject Matter To Be Taught To Them Which Of The Following Will You Need.. Master

53.Which Method Is Used To Relate A Particular Subject To All Disciplines Of Learning? Multi Disciplinary

54.The Action Learning Approach Is Used If The Teacher Wishes To Solve A Problem Being Met In The School

55.To Enable The Learners To Learn By Their Own Place Of Growth Discovery Approach Is Used

56.Which Approach Is Used To Emphasis The Skills In Informing Conclusions? Conceptual

57.The Mastery Learning Approach Is Observed When The Lane Is Want To Meet The Criterion Level Of Success Set By The Teachers.

58.Which Approach Is Used To Include Issues Confronting The Societies ?Interdisciplinary .

59.The Lecture Demonstration Method Is Used If The Lenders Are To Use Their Senses Effectively

60 .The Value Clarification Approach Is Used To Make The Learners  Enunciate Their Feeling Attitudes About Certain Issues

61.Examples Of Spiral Curriculum

A Student Is Required To Use Skills He Acquires  In Maths Of The Previous Grade To Understand New Information About A Math Topic In His Current Class

62 .A School Principal Wants To Know The Cost And Length Of Time Needed To Administer An Exam This Refers To Practicality Of The Exam

63.When An Assessment Has Similar Administration Procedures, Instructions And Questions, It Is Considered To Be A Standardised Assessment

  1. What Kind Of Ongoing Assessment Should Be Used To Determine If Students Remember Important Dates Answer Quiz
  2. What Is The Last Stage Of Scaffolding Method? The Teacher Fades And Students Work Independently
  3. For A Teacher Teaching A Class With Large Strength, The Best Method To Follow Is Lecture And Class Notes.

67.If Majority Of Student In Your Class Are Weak, You Should

Keep Your Teaching Slow Along With Extra Guidance To Bright Students

  1. A Teacher Who Is Not Able To Draw The Attention Of His Students Should

Evaluate His Teaching Method And Improve It

  1. Arrange The Following Teaching Processes In Order

1.Relating The Present Knowledge To The Previous


3.Reteaching Next Time

4.Formulating Objectives

5.Presentation Of Materials

Answer : 4,1,5,2,3

  1. The Field Of Education Is Permeated By Conflicts And Misconception Because

Problems Encountered In Teaching Are Not Amendable To Rigorous Scientific Investigation

  1. Use Of Telecast Materials

Enhances Concentration And Learning

  1. Maximum Participation Of Students Is Possible In Teaching Through Discussion Method
  2. If Some Student Misbehave With You In School You Must

Improve Their Behaviour Buy Your Own Character And Scholarship




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