Standard I

UAE Heritage And Culture

1.Support For Arts

Sharjah Is Chosen By UNESCO As The Arab Cultural Capital In 1998

  1. Literature

Mostly Poetry And Storytelling- Major Event Poetry Reading

3.Performance Arts

1999, First College For Theater Arts Open In Sharjah


  1. Beliefs

Islam Dominates All Aspects Of Life. Most Emirates Are Members Of The Sunni Section Next Delay Mattress Relating To Marriage , Device , Inheritance , Economics , Politics Add Personal Contact Are Affected By Sharia Islamic Law

  1. Rituals Add Holy Places

Player- Five Times A Day

Special Rituals To Visit Mecca Foreheads Shoes Must Be Remote To Enter Mosque


Emirati[ In Arabic > Al Thaqafa Al Emaratia ]

Seven Emirates

  1. Abu Dhabi
  2. Dubai
  3. Sharjah
  4. RAK


6.Umm Al Qaiwan


United As A Federal State On 2nd December 1971

Before Oil Economy In Early 1960s Two Main Orientations

Air. Nomadic Desert Oriental Bedouins With The Small Oasis

  1. See Oriental Culture That Is Pearling And See Trading

Location And Geography

UA Covers 32278 Square Miles[ 83600 Square Kilometer] Located In Arabian Or Persian Gulf. She Is Sayers Sales Land Borders With Oman, Qatar What And Saudi Arabia .

Biggest Emirates : Abu Dhabi[ 85 Percentage]

Smallest : Ajman

Abu Dhabi Is The Capital City. Major Mountains Run Through The Country

Language. Arabic

National Day Symbolizes  One Of The Most Successful Experiments In Unity In The Modern Arab World. Colors On Flag. Green ,Red,White , White And Black


Before 1971, Sever Emirates  Where Collectively Known As This Trucial States .

Economic Life Was Depended Heavily On Pill Diving And Sea Trade In The Gulf And The Indian Ocean.

This Led To Trade Routes From Indian , Iran Ect . Next Today Play The Activities With East Africa Led To The Importation Of Africans Labourers  In The Billing Industry. So African Add Iranian Ethnic Populations Have Been Fully Integrated Ask Citizens .

Symbol Of Local Culture >Date  Palm Tree

Food And Economy.

Mainly Fish , Rice , Bread , Dates , Yogurt, Home Grown Vegetables , Meat From Sheep , Goats Add Camels

Strictly Against Pork Add Alcohol Put Stop

Meat Must Be Slaughter According To Islamic Halal Method.

Basic Economy :

Income Is Among The Highest In The World , But Large Differences Between The Emirates Abu Dhabi , Dubai Add Sarjah Next July

Major Industries and  Trade .

Largest Exporter Of Crude Oil Add Gas In The Gulf. UAE Is A Member Of Organization Of Petroleum Exporting Countries[ OPEC Close Backup  .

UAE National Agenda

  1. PISA:To Be Among The 20 Highest Performing Countries
  2. TIMSS To Be Among The 15 Highest Performing Countries
  3. Completion Of High School Education To Ensure That 90 Percentage Of The Emirati Students Complete Their High School Education
  4. Attending Pre Primary. Next Light To Ensure That 95% Of Children Attend Pre Primary Education
  5. High Skills In Arabic Language . Next Light To Ensure That 90% Of Grade 9 Students Develop High Skills In Arabic Language
  6. Highly Qualified Teachers . To Ensure That 100% Of Schools Have High Quality Teachers .

7.Highly Effective School Leadership:

100 Percentage Of Public Schools Have Highly Effective School Leadership.

8.University Foundation Program Stop To Ensure That No Students Need To Join The University Foundation Program

Dubai Plan 2021 Launch Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Voice President And Prime Minister Of UAE , Ruler Of Dubai .

6 Themes

What. The People, City Of Happy Creative And Empowered People

  1. The Society An Inclusive And Cohesive Society
  2. The Experience The Preferred Place To Live Work And Visit
  3. The Place A Smart And Sustainable City

5 Economy A Pivotal Hub In The Global Economy

  1. The Government Hey And Excellent Government

First Rate Education System

Education Is A Fundamental Element For The Development Of A Nation Add The Best Investment In Its Youth

UAE Vision 2021 National Agenda Emphasises The Development Of A First Rate Education System Next Light This Requires A Complete Transformation Of Current Education System Add Teaching Methods

Agenda Aims All Schools Universities And Students To Be Equipped With Smart System Add The Devices As A Basis For All Teaching Methods , Project Add Research Agenda Aims To Make Students Rag Best In Reading , Mathematics And Science Exams As Well As Strong Knowledge Of Arabic Language Next Light Agenda Aims To Elevate Rate Of Graduation From Secondary Schools To International Standards Add Old Schools To Have Exceptional Leadership Add Internationally Accredited Teaching Staff Stop .

World Class Healthcare

Since Success Requires An Open Mind And Healthy Body , The UAE Vision 2021 Agenda Aims To Achieve A World Class Healthcare System

Agenda Aims The Importance Of Preventive Medicine And 6 To Reduce Cancer And Lifestyle Related Diseases Such As Diabetes And Cardiovascular Diseases To Ensure Long Life.

Agenda Aims To Reduce Prevalence Of Smoking Aand Increase The Healthcare System To Deal Epidemics And Health Risk .

Ministry Of Education Strategic Plan[ 2017- 2021]


Innovative Education For A Knowledge, Pioneering And Global Society .


To Develop An Innovative Education System For A Knowledge And Global Competitive Society


  1. Citizenship And Responsibility
  2. The Principles And Values Of Islam
  3. Commitment And Transparency
  4. Equality And Justice
  5. Participation And Accountability
  6. Science, Technology And Innovation


One. Inclusive Quality Education

  1. Achieve Excellent Leadership And Educational Efficiency
  2. High Quality Of Teaching

4.Ensure Safe Conduct You And The Challenging Learning Environment

General Awareness About UAE

Date And Year Of Formation. 2nd Hey  December 1971

Official Religion : Islam

Official And National Language :Arabic

Capital :Abu Dhabi

National Day :Second December

National Anthem :Ishe Biladi (Long Life My Nation )

Hey National Bird :Falcon

National Animal :Arabian Oryx

National Flag :Hey It Consist Of The Pan Arab Colors Of Red Green White Add Black Which Symbolise Arabian Unity

National Emblem / Coat Of Arms :Falcon Holding A Red  Parchment With The Name Of Country Written  In Kulic Script And UAE Flag Centeres On Falcon.

National Currency :UAE Durham

Population :9.3 Million Estimated

Traditional Occupation Fishing , Pearl Diving :

Traditional Inhabitance :Bedouins

Major Exports :Crude Oil , Natural Gas Dates Aluminium And Dry Fish

Members Of AGCC , IMF , WTO , OPEC

First President And Founder His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan

Present President :His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Prime Minister And Vice President :His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Neighbouring Countries :Aman QATAR And Saudi Arabia

Types Of Government :Constitutional Monarchy

Traditional  Dress :Kandura For Men , Abaya And Hijab For Women

Islands In UAE : Das Island ,Abu Musa Island , Delma Island ,Al Ream Island

Plantation :Date Palm ,Ghaf Tree

Major Ports :Port Rashid In Dubai

Portside In Abu Dhabi

Port Khalid In Sharjah

Port Saqr In Ras Al Khaimah

Important Monument In UAE

Dubai :Al Fahidi Fort[ Dubai Museum]

Burj Al Arab , Burj Khalifa Hey, Jo Mera Archaeological Site , Baskatiya District ,Shindaga Heritage And Diving Village ,Majlis Ghorfat Um-Al Sheif , Burj Nahar

Abu Dhabi :Grand Mosque Al Ain Zoo, Al Heli Public Park In A Line  ,Jabel Hafeet,Farrari World

Brief Of Sharjah :Cultural  And Islamic Capital Of UAE ,First Airport , Has 400 Mosque Add 22 Museums , First Emirate To Provide Education For Women In 1942 , First School Library Add Municipality .

Traditional Souks [Markets] In Sharjah

Blue Souq, Souq Al Arsah , Iranian Bazar And Al Majarraj Souq

General Information About Islam

Muslims Follow The Religion Of Islam And They Worship To One  Allah Alone

There Are 5 Pillars Of Islam

1.Shehada [Bearing Witness That Allah Is The Only Load ]

2.Salah [Playing 5 Times ]

3.Zakah[Giving Alms To The Poor People Once In Year  ]

4.Ssawm [Fasting During Month Of Ramadan ]

5.Hajj[Pilgrimage To Makkah ]

Prophet Mohammed Born In Mecca, His Father Is Abdulla And Mother Is Amina

The Final Messenger Of Allah Is Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam

Muslim Prays 5 Times In A Day

1.Fajar (Dawn)




5.Isha(Night Prayer)

Quran Is The Holy Book For Muslims And Is Revealed In Arabic During The Month Of Ramadan In The Mound Noor Located In Makkah .

Hey There Are 114 Chapters In Holy Quran

First Chapter Of Quran Is Sura Fatiha

Muslims Fast For 29 Or 30 Days During Ramadan From Dawn Till Dark

There Are 4 Holy Months



Thul Qadah

Thul Hajjah

Holy Masjid Of Muslims Are

Masjid UL Haram -Meccah

Masjid UN Nabhi -Madina

Masjid UL Aqsa -Palastine

Best Companion Of Prophet Mohammed Was Aboobacker Sidiq [Radiyallahu Anhu)

Muslim Calendar Hijri Calendar

Hey It Is Based On Loaner System ,Has 12 Months.The First Month Is Muharram And Last Month Is Thul Hajjah

4 Major Khalifs Of Muslims

  1. Aboobacker


  1. Uttaman
  2. Ali

Know The Emirates And The Rules [Descending Area Wise]

1.Abu Dhabi :His Highness  Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan

2.Dubai . His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

3.Sharjah His Highness Sheikh Sultan 3 Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi

  1. Ras Al Khaimah .His Highness Sheikh Saud Bin Saqr Al Qasimi

5.Fujairah . His Highness Sheikh Hamad Bin Mohammed Al Sharqi

6.Umm Al Qwain : His Highness Sheikh Saud Bin Rashid Al Mu’allah

7.Ajman.His Highness Sheikh Humaid  Bin Rashid Al Nuaimi





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