1. Starters

We all know how important having a good ‘starter’ is in lessons. It can serve as that all-important hook for the remainder of the lesson and really help to motivate pupils and stimulate their curiosity. The resources below can provide you with a whole range of interesting starter activities which you can either use directly or adapt to suit your own purposes.

Starter ideas and powerpoints

Icebreakers and tips


2. Assessment for Learning

As you move into your final term in your practice school your mentor/tutors will begin to ‘turn the heat up’ as far as your lesson observations are concerned. Behaviour management and AfL are the two aspects of pedagogy that many trainees find difficult to ‘get to grips with’. If you want to impress your mentors/tutors and realise that ‘Outstanding’ grade then it is worth making use of a wide range of AfL strategies. The question you need to ask yourself is ‘What have the pupils learned? How do you know? The sources provided for you in this pack go a long way to helping you obtain the answers to these two questions.

Interactive plenaries

Afl Powerpoints

Linking and reviewing the learning



3. Working with target groups

These resources have been designed help you to really move your teaching on by providing advice guidance about how to work effectively with key groups of pupils in your classroom.

Group work

High flyers

Working with the less able

Working with boys


4. Examination work

Many NQT’s will have sole responsibility for preparing pupils for their exam classes. Others may be supporting their host teacher with this process. This set of resources provides some ideas of how to teach examination skills. And how to motivate pupils to achieve their full potential.

Get pupils to the A and A* grade


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