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Assertive discipline is a structured system to enable teachers to manage their classrooms. It
focuses on the teacher developing a positive behaviour management strategy rather than being
Canter’s proposition is that the teacher has the right to decide what is best for their students and
that no student should prevent any other from learning.
The teacher should very clear boundaries as to how they expect their students to behave and
work, the students should know what these boundaries are and any deviation should be met
with an assertive action from the teacher.
This all sounds quite draconian, right?
However, if the teacher gives a firm, clear instruction and those instructions are met, they should
be followed by positive reinforcement (see Skinner above). Any deviation from the instruction
should be met with negative consequences that the students have prior knowledge of.
The behaviour management guru, Bill Rogers, bases his strategies on the assertive teacher
model , which I know from personal use, works incredibly well.



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