Developing clear academic objectives and methods for measuring progress toward objectives will help guide how you teach. Students who clearly understand the objectives and are provided instruction at their skill level will be engaged, on task, and less likely to demonstrate disruptive behaviors.
There are six elements for effectively developing and using clear academic objectives:
1) Develop objectives that are observable and measurable. Both you and your students should be able to see and measure progress toward objectives.
2) Post written objectives where students can easily see them (poster/white board/handout).
3) Discuss the objectives with your students so they know exactly what they are working toward. Also, discuss with your students how you will measure their progress toward meeting these objectives.
4) 4) Link objectives to prior learning, allowing students to connect prior learning to new learning.
5) 5) Determine that the objectives are appropriate for the skill level of your students. You may need to use differentiated instruction to meet the needs of diverse learners.
6) Measure progress toward objectives and adjust instruction as necessary.


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